Saturday, December 8, 2007

Timeless to Me

Last night, for our Friday night "in" date, Dustin and I rented Hairspray. (Fun movie... we enjoyed it.) My favorite scene was Wilber and Edna's scene, Timeless to Me.

My favorite love songs are those that portray the depth of friendship and pure love we can experience in the sweet bonds of marriage. In a fun, guileless sort of way this song describes what Dustin and I hope for and work for every day in our relationship... that when we're "fat and old" and a couple of "run down chevies" we'll love and enjoy each other, not despite the fact we've lost our youthful pulchritude, but, rather, because we don't care enough place any weight on it-- because all we see is the wonderful person we married who becomes wiser, kinder, more exciting, more beautiful everyday... that we will always be timeless to each other.

So, here's a little tribute to my amazing husband, who finds ways every day to tell me he's grateful we're together forever---

Baby, you're timeless to me!

Just Because...

I am crazy about my husband. And he's crazy about me. What a beautiful life!

Life has it's ups and downs--- I had been in a "downs" part for awhile and out of the blue, just because he loves me, Dustin brought home this beautiful bouquet of flowers for me. Siiiiiiiiiigh...

Needless to say, I've been a whole lot more in the "ups" as, when I start to feel frustrated, impatient, or stressed, I see these flowers on the table and my troubles are swallowed up in the joy and gratitude I feel to be loved by such an exceptional man.


The other night, Dustin and I were debating whether or not we were addicted to ice cream. Dustin claimed we are, since we have some for a nightly dessert (he's worried about future habits that will lead to middle-age health issues). Now, I'm all for being healthy, but I believe a well-deserved scoop of ice cream (especially chosen over a much more fattening dessert fetish) is 100% validated. I claimed we we're not ice cream addicts (we really don't eat it every day--- just often...), but rather ice cream connoisseurs (when we eat ice cream, we only go for the "really good stuff"-- never generic, usually even beyond Blue Bunny, Bryer's, and Dryer's--- we're talkin' Haagan Daz and Ben&Jerry's here).

Well, later I reorganized the freezer to put away groceries, and... okay, so I have to admit, we do have a pretty shameless ice cream supply. But, dang, it's good!