Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tag-- I'm it once again. :)

My friend and former BYU roommie (go cougars!) tagged me with this tag some time ago. You can depend on me to fulfill a tag... eventually. Blocked computer time is rare luxary here. Anyways, this one's kind of interesting--- seems to be trying to get me to reveal my dirty housekeeping secrets-- or just help prove none of us if perfect, but rather, especially with little kids, it's just all about survival. ;)

THE RULES: You have to take 10 pictures of the following things and you have to do it right away. No straitening, cleaning or wiping you kids nose (I mean it!). then you tag 6 others.

1. KIDS: It's "quiet time"-- since foregoing his daily nap, Benjamin watches a show of his choice for an hour or so. Here he's watching Thomas the Train. Yes, he just may be picking his nose. Sigh. We're working on that.Quiet time is simultaneous with Jonathan's nap time. I'm afraid I will not take a picture of him sleeping because it will wake him up and thus shatter my much needed (if brief) afternoon break. But, here's a picture of what he would be doing if he were awake.

2. BATHROOM: This is the boys' bathroom, which I suppose is fairly obvious with the duckies. We are actually lucky enough to have a master bath, too, but that's a dirty housekeeping secret I'm not willing to reveal. ;)

3. CLOSET: Oh, happy storage space.

4. FAVORITE SHOES: This is random, but here ya go! These are my "hot momma" shoes (as dubbed by my sweet sister). It's true, my calves look fantastic with them on--- good enough reason for them to be my favorite, eh? Dustin loves them, naturally, but won't let me wear them to church because he thinks they're too sexy. ;)
5. SELF PORTRAIT: Here I am, just previous to posting all this, outside attempting to kill the ants in the backyard for the 13880898001th time today. We've tried a bunch of other strategies (short of forking out moula for the pest guy), but those nasty buggers are resilient. We gotta get rid of them ASAP so our boys can enjoy this amazing weather. Wish us luck.
6. LAUNDRY ROOM: A little insert in the kitchen. We are SO lucky (blessed!) to have a good washer and dryer set right in our home. What would I do without it? It truly makes life so much easier.
7. THE KITCHEN SINK: Complete with breakfast dishes.
8. THE FRIDGE: Did you want to see the inside? Sorry, resident eyes only. ;)
9. FAVORITE ROOM: Our bedroom is my nightly respite from the daily storms of motherhood. :)
10. DREAM VACATION: Another random. :) Ummmmmmmmm.... golly, y'know, if I had more mental energy to be imaginative, I could probaly describe a European tour or African safari adventure or Hawaiian beach trip, but honestly, a week at a super luxurious resort or cushy cruise where everything is taken care of all the time sounds about right for now. I am truly grateful for the wonderful life I lead, but a break is most rejuvinating now and again. :)

I'm done. You're turn! I tag the first 6 bloggers who read this. ;) Leave a comment and let me know that you joined in on the fun. :)
PS: This post will make much more sense with this clarification--- it's actually Monday, October 13 at about 2pm, rather than Sunday night. ;)


The Higham Family said...

I'm the first one to comment, so I guess its my turn next! I'll get it- sometime soon! Hehe actually this is a really fun tag. I love the new curtains by your washer and dryer- when did you guys do that? And- those shoes are hot!

Kim said...

I guess I'm second, so I'm in too. And we all know I love any excuse to post on my blog, especially if it means posting pictures of my kiddies. I envy you your washer and dryer in your home : ( Someday, someday...